How To Use Dbs Multi Currency Account

Alright, folks! Imagine having a magical wallet, one where you can keep multiple currencies without a hitch. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the DBS Multi-Currency Account (MCA) is just like that, minus the abracadabra. For those who have this account or are pondering over getting one, this guide will unravel how to use the DBS Multi-Currency Account like a pro. So buckle up, and let’s embark on this multi-currency journey!

Why DBS Multi-Currency Account?

Before diving into the specifics, why should you even consider the DBS MCA? Think of it as your trusty backpack while traveling. You wouldn’t go backpacking with an oversized suitcase, would you? Similarly, why juggle between multiple accounts for different currencies when one account can have it all?

  • Save on foreign exchange fees: Convert currencies at your convenience and save on those pesky fees.
  • Travel hassle-free: Swipe your DBS card abroad without worrying about conversion rates.
  • Online shopping: Shop from international websites without the double conversion drama.

Doesn’t that sound handy?

Setting It Up

Now, how does one get started? If you’re already a DBS customer, it’s as simple as flipping a pancake. Just log into your DBS digibank app or internet banking and apply for an MCA. New to DBS? No sweat! Register online, fill in some details, and you’re good to go.

1. Adding Currencies

With your account now up and running, it’s time to fill it up with different currencies. Just like you’d stock up on snacks for a movie night. Choose from a list of available currencies, and with a few taps, they’re added to your account.

2. Converting Currency

Want to exchange SGD for USD or EUR for GBP? With DBS MCA, it’s like exchanging candy – smooth and straightforward. Check the prevailing rates in your app, enter the amount you wish to convert, and voila! The converted amount will reflect in your account.

3. Spending From Your MCA

Whether you’re sipping coffee in Paris or buying souvenirs in Tokyo, using your MCA is a breeze. Swipe your linked DBS Visa Debit Card, and the transaction will automatically deduct from the respective currency wallet. It’s like having a magic wand that always picks the right currency!

4. Topping Up & Withdrawing

Adding money is as simple as transferring funds from your primary DBS account. And in case you’re wondering about withdrawals, it’s like drawing water from a multi-faceted fountain. Choose your desired currency and withdraw from any DBS ATM.


Navigating the world of multiple currencies can seem like learning to juggle – confusing at first but fun once you get the hang of it. The key lies in having the right tool, and now that you know how to use the DBS Multi-Currency Account, managing multiple currencies is just a cakewalk. So, whether you’re a frequent traveler, an online shopping aficionado, or someone looking for efficient currency management, the DBS MCA has got your back!


How many currencies can I hold in my DBS MCA?

The DBS MCA supports multiple major global currencies. You can check the current list on the official DBS website or app.

Are there any fees associated with the DBS MCA?

While the MCA itself has numerous advantages like saving on foreign exchange fees, it’s always good to check the updated fee structure on the DBS website or consult with the bank directly.

Can I transfer funds from my MCA to another bank overseas?

Yes, you can make overseas transfers. However, ensure you’re aware of any fees or charges associated with such transfers.

What happens if I don’t have enough of a particular currency for a transaction?

If there’s insufficient balance in the currency you’re transacting in, DBS will automatically convert the amount from another currency in your MCA, based on prevailing rates.

Is my money safe in the DBS Multi-Currency Account?

Absolutely! DBS is a renowned bank, and they ensure that all measures are in place to protect your funds. However, always practice safe online banking habits.

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