How To Upgrade Docusign Account

When you first stumbled upon DocuSign, did you feel like you’d found the secret for digital paperwork? I did! But as with all exciting tools, sometimes you need a power boost. So, how do you upgrade your DocuSign account to access even more enchanting features? Let’s journey together through this enchanted forest of digital signatures and discover the path to greater power.

The World of DocuSign: A Quick Refresher

First, let’s remind ourselves what this mystical realm is. DocuSign is our modern-day wizardry tool, turning tedious paper signing into a breeze with digital signatures. It’s the equivalent of swapping out a horse and cart for a flying carpet when it comes to document management. But as we know, even the finest flying carpets sometimes need an upgrade to fly higher and faster!

The Signs You’re Ready for an Upgrade

Ever felt like you’re outgrowing your current sorcerer’s robe? It’s a bit like that with DocuSign. Here’s how you know you’re ready:

  1. Volume Overload: Are you sending more documents than your plan allows? Like a wand producing too many sparks, maybe it’s time for a new one.
  2. Seeking Advanced Features: Ever wished for a spell you didn’t know yet? Similarly, you might be craving features only available in premium DocuSign versions.
  3. Global Expansion: If you’re reaching out to other magical realms (read: international clients), you might need translation tools and global support.

Steps to Elevate Your DocuSign Powers

Ready for the transformation? Here’s the potion recipe:

  1. Login Magic: Access your account. It’s the door to the chamber of secrets.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Like finding the right spellbook in a vast library, head to your account settings.
  3. Find the ‘Upgrade’ Option: This should be crystal clear, just like a wizard’s crystal ball, usually flashing or highlighted to catch your eye.
  4. Choose Your New Power Level: Review the various plans. It’s like choosing a new wand—each with its own strength and capabilities.
  5. Payment Ritual: Complete the payment. Think of it as offering gold coins to a magical creature for its services.
  6. Celebrate: You’ve now supercharged your account! It’s like having a brand-new spell at your fingertips.

Benefits of Upgrading: Beyond the Magic

While the upgrade process is a spell in itself, the real magic lies in the benefits:

  1. Higher Document Limit: Send more, stress less. It’s like having an extended mana pool for your spells.
  2. Advanced Authentication: Add an extra layer of protection. Think of it as a magical shield against unwanted sorcerers.
  3. Priority Support: Get help from the grand wizards (customer support) faster!
  4. Custom Branding: Personalize your sending and signing experience. It’s like tailoring your own magical robe.


In the vast kingdom of digital document management, DocuSign is our trusty steed. And as with all great adventures, upgrading ensures we’re always equipped for the challenges ahead. So, if you’ve been pondering about boosting your DocuSign powers, hopefully, this guide lights your path. Ready to soar higher in the realm of document magic?


What happens to my old documents when I upgrade?

Fear not! They remain safe, like treasures in a locked chest. Upgrading only expands your capabilities, not diminish your past.

Is there a trial for the upgraded versions?

Yes! Think of it as a test ride on a magical broomstick. DocuSign often offers trials for its premium versions.

Can I downgrade if I change my mind?

Absolutely. Like choosing to go back to simpler spells, you can opt for a lower-tier plan if you feel it suits you better.

Will my clients notice the change?

Only in the enhanced features and experience! It’s like unveiling a shiny new spell in front of them.

How secure is the payment process?

As secure as a dragon guarding its hoard. DocuSign uses advanced encryption for all its transactions.

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