How To Upgrade Deezer Account

Picture this: you’re bopping along to your favorite song on Deezer when, suddenly, it’s interrupted by an ad about oven cleaner. Argh! If only there was a way to elevate this experience. Well, let me tell you, there is! This is your ultimate guide on how to upgrade your Deezer account. Let’s dive into this melodic journey.

Why Upgrade Your Deezer Account?

Ever been on a road trip with a map that has parts missing? That’s like using the basic version of Deezer. Now, why should you consider upgrading?

  1. Ad-Free Listening: It’s like a highway with no red lights. Smooth and uninterrupted.
  2. Offline Mode: No internet? No problem! Like a squirrel storing its acorns, save songs and listen offline.
  3. Higher Sound Quality: It’s like swapping out binoculars for a telescope when stargazing. Everything’s clearer and more beautiful.
  4. Unlimited Skips: Not feeling a track? Skip away like a kid with a jump rope.

The Steps to Upgrade: A Symphony in Progress

Just as a symphony has its crescendos and diminuendos, upgrading your Deezer account has its own rhythm.

  1. Login First: Make sure you’re in the concert hall, aka logged into your account.
  2. Navigate to ‘Premium’: This is like the VIP section. Find the ‘Premium’ tab on the homepage.
  3. Choose Your Plan: Deezer offers multiple tiers. From Premium to Family, pick your flavor.
  4. Payment Details: Like buying a ticket to a musical gig, enter your payment details. And don’t worry, it’s as safe as a vault.
  5. Confirmation: The final cymbal crash! Confirm and get ready to enjoy your enhanced musical voyage.

The Different Flavors of Deezer Upgrades

Upgrading your Deezer is like choosing an ice cream flavor. There’s more than one, and each has its unique appeal.

  • Deezer Premium: The classic vanilla. Ad-free, offline mode, and unlimited skips.
  • Deezer Family: The Neapolitan. Share your account with family members, each with their profiles.
  • Deezer Student: A delightful sorbet. Tailored for students with all Premium features at half the price.

Downgrading: The Reverse Symphony

Life’s unpredictable. If ever you need to return to basics, downgrading is as easy as the upgrade. Just access your account settings, navigate to ‘Subscription’, and choose ‘Cancel My Subscription’. Easy as hitting the pause button.


Music, like the rhythm of our hearts, is essential to our existence. And upgrading your Deezer account is like giving that heart a boost of joy, clarity, and freedom. Whether you’re a casual listener or a hardcore audiophile, there’s an upgrade flavor waiting for you. So, ready to elevate your Deezer experience?


Is there a trial period for Deezer Premium?

Yes! New users typically get a month to savor the Premium delights before deciding.

Can I switch between plans?

Absolutely! It’s like changing dance steps. Navigate to your account settings, and you can shuffle between plans.

What happens to my playlists if I downgrade?

They stay put! Just like memories of a concert, you won’t lose your playlists, but certain Premium features might become inaccessible.

Can I upgrade my account using the Deezer app?

Yes, you can! The app is like a mini-concert hall, and you can upgrade right from there.

Is there a commitment period?

Not at all. Dance to your own beat. While some offers might have conditions, generally, you can cancel anytime.

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