How To Delete Naukri Account

Navigating the world of job searches can feel like riding a roller coaster. And, as thrilling as it can be, sometimes you might want to step off and take a breather. If you’re thinking about how to delete your Naukri account, consider this your guidebook to a smooth exit.

What Is A Naukri Account?

Imagine having a key that opens the door to a vast world of job opportunities. A Naukri account does precisely that! It’s an online profile on, one of India’s most extensive job portals. This platform connects job seekers with employers across various industries. With your account, you can apply for jobs, receive personalized job alerts, and increase your visibility to potential recruiters.

Deleting Your Naukri Account – Step By Step

Taking a break from the job search? Need a clean slate? Here’s your step-by-step roadmap:

  1. Unlock the Portal: Start by logging into your Naukri account. Dive deep into the sea of opportunities one last time.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Just like organizing a cluttered work desk, head straight to the ‘Settings’ or ‘Account’ option on the dashboard.
  3. Seek the Exit Door: Within account settings, there will be an option labeled ‘Delete Account’ or something similar. Think of this as the exit sign in a building.
  4. Feedback Loop: Platforms like these often ask for feedback. Why are you leaving? Is it a career switch, or are you just taking a hiatus? It’s like a quick coffee chat with a colleague about why you’re exploring new pastures.
  5. Final Goodbye: Confirm your desire to delete. Be sure, because there’s no turning back once it’s done!

After Deleting Naukri, Is It Really Deleted?

Deleted doesn’t always mean gone forever. Like the echo of a meeting room conversation after everyone’s left, some data might linger for a while. While your profile will vanish from public view, Naukri may retain certain data for administrative, legal, or security reasons. However, this information isn’t accessible to recruiters or the general public.

Why Delete Your Naukri Account?

Our career paths, much like rivers, have their twists and turns:

  • Shifting Focus: Perhaps you’re not on the job hunt anymore, having found your dream role or even starting your own venture.
  • Digital Decluttering: Just as one might clean out old files, it’s important to manage our digital footprints.
  • Privacy Pursuits: Your journey might be taking a confidential turn, and you’d like to keep your moves under wraps.
  • Platform Overwhelm: With a barrage of notifications and emails, it can sometimes feel like being in a bustling, noisy marketplace.


Our career stories are unique, filled with exciting chapters, and sometimes, a few pauses. Deleting your Naukri account might be one such pause, a momentary halt before you sprint again. Whatever your reasons, remember that the world of opportunities is vast, and you can always return to Naukri or explore new horizons when the time feels right.


Can I create a new Naukri account after deleting the old one?

Absolutely! Career choices, like seasons, change. You’re welcome to return anytime.

How long does Naukri retain my data post-deletion?

The specifics can vary, but any retained data is for compliance or technical reasons and won’t be misused.

Will I still receive emails from Naukri after deletion?

Once you bid goodbye, promotional emails should cease. However, always keep an eye on that unsubscribe button in case something slips through.

Are there alternatives to a complete account deletion?

Of course! You can modify your preferences, go invisible to recruiters, or temporarily deactivate to reduce the digital noise.

What happens to the job applications I’ve sent via Naukri after deleting?

Applications you’ve already sent will remain with the recruiters, but they won’t have access to your Naukri profile anymore. Always keep separate records of important applications!

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