How To Delete Kijiji Account

Ah, Kijiji! That bustling digital marketplace where countless individuals connect to buy, sell, and discover. But what if there comes a time when you decide it’s time to pull the plug and delete your Kijiji account? Just as the bustling streets of a market have their ins and outs, so does this digital bazaar. Whether you’re looking to declutter your digital space or have other reasons, this guide is your compass, directing you through the nooks and crannies of the Kijiji experience.

What Is A Kijiji Account?

Kijiji, a name which might sound as exotic as the treasures one can find within it. Born in Canada, Kijiji is a free local classifieds site. Picture a sprawling digital marketplace where you can sell that old guitar, find a new apartment, or even discover a job next door. Just as every stall in a marketplace has an owner, a Kijiji account is your digital stall, your little corner of this online world.

Deleting Your Kijiji Account – Step By Step

Contemplating a digital goodbye to Kijiji? Here’s the roadmap:

  1. Start The Engine: Head to the Kijiji site.
  2. Navigational Nuances: Find your way to the ‘My Kijiji’ section.
  3. Deep Dive: From here, tap on the ‘Account Details’ section.
  4. Decision Point: Scroll until you find the ‘Delete My Account’ option.
  5. The Farewell Note: They’ll ask, out of sheer curiosity, why you’re taking a bow. Share a reason if you will.
  6. Confirm, And Curtains: Once you confirm, it’s a wrap, and your Kijiji journey concludes.

After Deleting Kijiji, Is It Really Deleted?

You’ve taken the leap, but where does your Kijiji legacy go? Post your deletion command, Kijiji does keep a temporary record of your data. Imagine it as a brief memory of a customer who has left the marketplace. But as memories fade, so does this data. It’s purged after a certain period, ensuring your past adventures in Kijiji remain just that, adventures.

Why Delete Your Kijiji Account?

The humming alleys of Kijiji have much to offer, but there could be reasons to step away:

Safety First: In the vast digital universe, you might want to keep your data planets limited. Less Is More: Maybe your digital real estate feels cluttered, and Kijiji doesn’t fit the landscape anymore. New Adventures: There’s a chance another platform has wooed you with its allure. Just Because: Sometimes, we don’t need reasons. A feeling is enough.


Our digital voyage through the lanes of Kijiji concludes here. This marketplace, with its myriad of opportunities, has catered to countless. But if you’ve chosen a different path, remember the buzz of a new Kijiji notification and the seamless trades. And if ever the winds change direction, Kijiji’s doors are always ajar, waiting to welcome you back.


What happens to my active ads once I delete my Kijiji account?

All active ads will be removed immediately once the account is deleted.

Is there an option to temporarily suspend my Kijiji account?

Kijiji currently offers a permanent deletion option, not a temporary suspension.

If I delete my Kijiji account, can I create a new one with the same email?

Absolutely! Once deleted, you can re-register using the same email address.

How long does Kijiji retain my data post account deletion?

The exact period isn’t specified, but it’s a brief window before all data is permanently erased.

Can I still browse Kijiji without an account after deleting mine?

Sure can! Browsing doesn’t require an account, only specific actions like selling or messaging sellers do.

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