How To Create Daraz Seller Account

Hey there! Interested in diving into the bustling marketplace of Daraz by setting up your very own Daraz Seller account? Picture this: your products, showcased on one of the biggest online platforms in South Asia, accessible to millions of customers. Sounds intriguing, right? If you’re on the fence about joining or just clueless about the process, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s unravel this together, shall we?

What Is A Daraz Seller Account?

Have you ever fantasized about opening your store in the most popular mall in town? The Daraz Seller account is the digital equivalent of that dream. In simple terms, it’s your virtual storefront on the Daraz platform. This account gives you the keys to a universe filled with potential customers, allowing you to list products, manage orders, and interact with customers. Think of it as setting up a shop, but without the physical limitations. Isn’t technology grand?

How to Create a Daraz Seller Account: Step by Step

Setting up your Daraz Seller account is like baking a cake; you just need to follow the recipe! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you whisk through the process:

  1. Visit the Daraz Seller Center: Start by heading over to the official Daraz Seller Center website. Feel that entrepreneurial energy already?
  2. Click on ‘Start Selling’: It’s usually a prominent button on the page. Can’t miss it!
  3. Fill In Your Details: This is where you’ll input the basics – your name, phone number, and email. You know, the usual suspects.
  4. Choose Your Store Name: Here’s a fun part! Choose a unique and catchy name that reflects what you sell. Remember, first impressions last!
  5. Verification: After filling in your details, you’ll typically receive a verification code via SMS or email. Key it in to ensure you’re not a robot in disguise.
  6. Set Up Your Store: Add your products, set prices, and draft descriptions. Make them irresistible!
  7. Submit Necessary Documents: Depending on your location, you might need to provide business licenses or other relevant documents. It’s like getting a permit for your digital store.
  8. Await Approval: After all’s said and done, the Daraz team will review your application. Once approved, the digital realm is your oyster!

Terms and Conditions For Daraz Seller Account

Every marketplace has its rules. And while the Daraz universe is vast and inviting, it does come with its own set of guidelines:

  1. Honesty is The Best Policy: Ensure that product listings and descriptions are accurate. Misleading customers is a no-go.
  2. Stay Active: Regular activity is essential. Long periods of inactivity can lead to account suspension. It’s like keeping your store’s lights on.
  3. Commitment to Quality: Daraz values quality. Ensure the products you sell meet certain quality standards. No one likes a defunct gadget or a torn dress, right?
  4. Timely Deliveries: Punctuality is key. Always strive to deliver products within the stipulated time frame.
  5. Respect The Platform: Abide by all platform guidelines and avoid prohibited items. Think of it as respecting the rules of a community you’re a part of.


Embarking on your Daraz Seller journey is akin to opening a new chapter in your entrepreneurial book. It’s a blend of challenges, excitement, and endless possibilities. Remember, while the digital world offers a vast playground, the essence of business remains the same: quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. So, ready to set up shop in the digital bazaar of Daraz?


Are there any fees associated with opening a Daraz Seller account?

Opening the account is generally free. However, Daraz might charge commission fees on products sold.

How long does the approval process take?

The duration can vary, but typically it ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Can I sell internationally with a Daraz Seller account?

While Daraz operates in multiple countries, you’ll primarily cater to the country-specific platform you registered on. However, cross-border selling opportunities might arise.

What if I face issues with my account or customers?

Daraz offers a support system and resources for sellers to address any challenges they face.

How do I handle returns or unhappy customers?

Daraz has a return policy in place. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with it and ensure a smooth experience for your customers. Always strive for resolution and customer satisfaction.

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